Palm Sunday

5 April 2020 - Written by

Happy Palm Sunday!

Holy Week is here!

We watched Mass at Maternal Heart Church this morning and can thoroughly recommend Viewing the recording on Facebook.

This is the place we picked up the Compline habit on their Thursday evening Masses. Legend has it, that in the beginning they only had Mass on Sundays. Thursdays were choir practice days, but then, since everyone was there already, they had Mass too, so they needed to have more choir practice on Tuesdays too.

I’m not sure they still sing Compline after evening Masses. I think they do sing Terce before Sunday Masses. Well, they would if they still had public Sunday Masses.

Now they also tend to use the Monastic Antiphonale for their Divine Office celebrations. It shows how long ago we were there that we even remember when they used to sing the Roman Office.

But it’s late, you’re just here for Compline, and I understand that.

Good night!