Thursday in Passion Week

2 April 2020 - Written by

We recorded three nights then skipped three nights and now another recording makes it this far.

Tonight’s recording features a clinking spoon from one child who is not quite up to reading along yet and was enjoying a cup of tea slurped from a spoon to help it cool down. Because we’re a family, not a monastery. Hopefully it’s not too distracting. Penance!

I hope it does inspire more people to pick up the Divine Office, especially when so many are unable to get to Mass. Imagine if every Catholic participated in this way! What a powerhouse of prayer!

And you don’t need to be Catholic to join in! Even if you’re just interested in singing like the early Christians - this sort of music would be familiar to all those Medieval saints for sure and probably going back much further.

Pick up your booklet above and lift up your hearts!